November 29, 2020

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Websites are often the first intial contact point prospects make with your company online. Because the internet is overwhelmingly filled with so many options for consumers, the margin for error within the first intial contact is very high. 

To decrease the margin for error and increase your chance of success with prospects the 5 elements discussed in this blog with help. 

In this Blog Post you will learn:

  • The Top 5 elements every website needs to be successful
  • Why your website needs all 5 elements
  • How to apply each tool to your website successfully

Top 5 elements every successful website needs

The 5 tools every successful website needs are:  

  1. Detailed Profile of ideal prospect 
  2. Clear Main Objective
  3. Headline of benefit to the prospect 
  4.  Value Prop. that clearly explains to the prospect why you're the company to choose 
  5. CTA (call to action) makes it clear to the prospect how they can get what you're offering

Why your business needs all 5 elements?

  • Before you even start your website, you need a detailed description of who your ideal prospect is. Without a profile of who your prospect is, the messaging on your site will be guess work. Guess work has no place in building a website... The chance of failure is too high.  
  • A clear objective is a must for every website. Having a clear objective makes it easy for you to tell if your website is a success or not. 
  • The headline is the first connection you make with your prospects. It instantly lets them know you have what they need. When the prospect knows you have what they need your website conversion goes up. 
  • The value prop is the only way your prospects can differentiate you from your competition. It is most overlooked aspect of every website. Most websites don’t have one and the ones that do...have a very weak one.

How to get started with each element


A profile is the complete identity of who your ideal prospect is.

  • Their gender
  • Their desires
  • What problem they are looking to get solved
  • Are they ready to buy now or do they need more information

Best way to get a complete profile of your ideal prospect

  • Read testimonials of people who have bought similar products or services, this will help you create a complete profile of who you will be speaking to on your website.


The objective of your website consists of the ONE main thing you want your prospect to do on your website. The objective could be to buy now or to sign up for a coupon or to get more information. Whatever the objective it should take up 70%-80% of your page. 

To determine your objective think of the ONE MAIN thing you want people visiting your website to do and focus 70-80% of your website on that one objective. 


The headline is the first connection you have with your prospects which makes it a vital part of your website. Your headline can either get your prospect to walk away or intrigue them to learn more about what you are saying and go further down your website.

What makes a good headline? 

  • Captures the RIGHT attention
  • Converts that attention into accomplishing the websites main objective
  • Shows the reader exactly what they are getting right when they land on the website
  • Answers these 3 questions
    • where am I?
    • what can I do here?
    • why should I do it?

Value Proposition 

Your Value proposition is the ultimate reason why prospects should choose your product or service over anyone else's. In other words, What can you provide your clients with that no one else can?

The value proposition is a single compelling statement that answers this question:

If I am your ideal client why should i buy from you over anyone else? 

What Makes A Good value prop?

  • Single compelling statement that states the ultimate reason why your ideal prospect should buy from you over anyone else
  • Uses Modifiers like “biggest”
  • Applies Quantitative numbers to provide credibility (we are number 1 because we have served over 600 happy clients)
  • Very clear Argument for your existence in the marketplace

CTA (Click To Action)

The CTA answers the "how". It shows the prospect how they can get what your website is offering.

A CTA is always clear and tells the prospect exactly what they have to do to get what your site is offering. It also tells them exactly what will happen after they input their information -EX: (click here to get your free quote).

What Makes A Good CTA? 

  • Clearly states what the prospect has to do to get what the page is offering 
  • Value positive - EX: "get instant access"
  • Timed to sequence of thought – right place – don’t tell prospect to buy when they need more information. 

Jennifer Tiwana

Jennifer has experience in Journalism, Writing and Editing for National News Networks such as the Globe and Mail. Student of Leading Marketing and Advertising Experts such as Russel Brunson, Dan Kennedy, Joseph Sugarman, and John Caples. Responsible for Sales Letters that have generated over $500,000 in Revenue.