January 11, 2021

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Most prospects coming to your site will be cold traffic. This means they don’t know who you are and don’t trust you. Your Website or landing page has a few seconds to gain their trust and your value proposition helps you do that. 

Your value proposition answers the first person question that's in bedded in the mind of your prospect.

"If I Am Your Ideal Prospect Why Should I Buy From You Rather Than Anyone Else?"

The bases of your value prop is to show your prospects why your product/service is the best solution for their problem.   

3 ways to help your value prop stand out...

  1. The only factor-Helps your company stand out from the crowd making it easier for prospects to choose you.
  2. clear evidentials-Support your value prop with quantifiable and believable numbers.
  3. compelling Story- This adds emotional appeal to your value prop and helps prospects connect with your company on a deeper level.

1. the only factor 

  • Your value prop must differentiate you from your competitors. This is the bases of your value prop.
  • Your value prop must show your prospects that ONLY you can solve their problem no one else.

If your value prop is made up of the same claims as everyone else, then prospects have no compelling reason to buy from you over your competitor. If they have no reason to buy from you, they won't.

How To Apply The Only Factor To Your Value Prop:

Think about the specific needs you fulfill for your prospect that no one else does.

  • For example: If you have a meal prep service and offer the unique advantage of giving your clients the choice to customize their meals, then that would be your "only factor." You could say "Over 16 ways to customize your meals"

The only factor can also be something all of your competitors do but no one has mentioned it yet... you can be the first one to mention it making it unique to you.

  • For example: A beer company told clients about the intense filtering process their beers go through. Now all beers go through these same processes. But no one had mentioned this before making it unique to this beer company. 

Examples of ads applying the only factor:

[NOT an only factor Google ad]

"Award-winning blue software. Fully integrated. Free Trial"

  • No quantifiable numbers
  • Nothing is unique about this software. Thousands of software companies can apply this same headline to their product. 

[only factor Google ad]

"#1 on-demand. 6559+ world clients. Award winning solution. Free Trial"

  • Lots of quantifiable numbers (#1, 6559+ clients)
  • They say they are number 1 and have the huge number of clients to back it up
  • Their number of clients is what makes them unique and stand out from other companies.

2.clear evidentials

Clear evidentials are quantifiable, believable facts that support all your claims in your value prop.

For example: say your Value prop is "world’s largest" then your supporting evidential would be "we have over 64,000 products"

  • Here the evidential (64,000 products) supports the claim in the value prop of being the world’s largest.
Your value prop is only effective if you support it with factual numbers.

One more example of clear evidentials: 

  • The Industry Standard For 15+ Years 
  • Installed And Running In 15 Minutes 
  • Most User-Friendly Version Ever

3. Compelling Story

People's thoughts are organized in story form. This is how we think and make sense of the world.

A story also aids in the emotional aspect of the buying decision. Which helps prospects choose your product/service over anyone else. 

For Example:

  • Instead of a "how it works" section on your website/ landing page replace it with a compelling story about how your product is carefully selected. Give details from how you choose the packaging to the moment it reaches the prospects home. This amount of emotion and detail will help prospects emotionally relate with your company. This Helps them choose your company over all the others.

Jennifer Tiwana

Jennifer has experience in Journalism, Writing and Editing for National News Networks such as the Globe and Mail. Student of Leading Marketing and Advertising Experts such as Russel Brunson, Dan Kennedy, Joseph Sugarman, and John Caples. Responsible for Sales Letters that have generated over $500,000 in Revenue.