December 5, 2021

In my last post we talked about getting your cold traffics attention. 

This blog post we will be going over how to convert that cold attention into buying customers.

Capturing cold audience’s attention is important but that’s only the beginning of the process...once you get their attention you have to keep it and convert them into buying customers. 

If you fail to convert your cold traffic you'll never hear from them again, so all that effort and money was spent for nothing.

The best way to nurture cold leads is by using an autoresponder.

What is an autoresponder?

An autoresponder is a series of emails sent after the cold prospect has opted in for your lead magnet or bought a low entry product like a free book + shipping from you. 

The goal of an autoresponder is to build a relationship with your cold audience by providing them with value and to warm them up to buy from you. 

The success of the autoresponder lies in its structure and content which I will go over in the next blog post.

Jennifer Tiwana

Jennifer has experience in Journalism, Writing and Editing for National News Networks such as the Globe and Mail. Student of Leading Marketing and Advertising Experts such as Russel Brunson, Dan Kennedy, Joseph Sugarman, and John Caples. Responsible for Sales Letters that have generated over $500,000 in Revenue.