Who Is Denzel Campbell?

Denzel Campbell is the founder of The Marketing Consulting Group who has leveraged a successful advertising company into a multi-million dollar business empire, that has helped over 5000 business owners increase their revenue. 

When I started my first business…

It was just me and my best friend. 

We had both just dropped out of college...we were working minimum wage jobs…and we didn’t really have anything going for ourselves…

So, I had the idea that we could start a business. 

I saw a problem in the market I felt we could solve... and I felt that if we could solve a major problem for people...that, that could make us some money...

My mindset when starting my first business was the “best product/service wins”….So I started up a social media page, and we started promoting ourselves…and i felt like it was working because people on social media were saying our food looked amazing.

I felt super confident that we would be super busy our first week in business…But our first week in business was actually ended up being our first real wake up call…

Because we only ended up getting 1 ORDER which made us 68$ in sales…

RIGHT AWAY I realized that there was more to growing a business than having a great product and service.

And I knew that if I didn't figure out how to grow our business. That I wouldn't just be failing myself but that I’d be failing people that believed in me…

After years of being stuck I  decided to hire a business coach…that could help us with our business problem...Right away our business coach felt that he knew what our problem was... 

He shared with me that there were only 5 ways to grow a business…And my problem was that I was only focused on one of them. After hearing that...It made sense why our business was having the problems it was....

I took my business coach's advice…and over the course of 5 years…Focusing on the 5 areas of business growth, I took our first business from barely having any orders to building the largest and fastest growing company in our market…

After my first business took off other people saw my success and wanted me to help them with their businesses…

USING the same formula AND approach I used to grow my first business…I started helping other people to grow their business.  

People started to see record sales within only a few months of changes…

That's when i felt like I could help more people and that's what inspired me to start The Marketing Consulting group. 

"My Revenue Increased $150,000 In Five Months"

"With the changes made to my website, traffic increased by over 494% (Between Jan-Apr 2019 vs. Jan-Apr 26 2020) and an increase of over 300% in orders!!"

Jesse Kelley Working with PMI Advertising has been a HUGE help to my business! Before working with them, my website was very basic and I was barely making any sales through my website. After discussing with their team, I was introduced to Justin and Jen and they helped completely transform my website. I can't believe how much of a difference there was just with redoing my website and applying copywriting. I can't wait to see how much more my business will take off once I start running ads with them. Thank you!


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Our Client Success Stories

"My revenue increased $150,000 in five months"

"I had attempted to try marketing myself in the past with no luck. I was getting scared I didn't know how my business was going to make it. After meeting Denzel and his team not only did they help me business they were all there for me around the clock. My revenue increased $150,000 in five months. Hands down the greatest marketing team out there and definitely the most caring"

Joradn Matthews

Owner/Founder of Dream Fitness

"You Can't Go Wrong With PMI Advertising"

"PMI advertising has done wonders for my business and I cannot say enough good things about Denzel. I originally met Denzel 4 years ago when he delivered my meals from his meal prep company, Lean on Meals. We stayed in touch and he graciously mentored and helped me as I started my business. I now trust Denzel with my marketing needs and I can confidently say he is the most brilliant marketing mind I have ever met, and is more dedicated to his craft than anyone I know. You can't go wrong with PMI. "

Mitch Jacobsen

Founder of Rviita Energy Tea

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We Guarantee to get results, and that you’ll be able to “Find our Fee” in your business within 17-weeks of PMI Advertising your company, or our advertising fee is FREE.
Our Marketing system has been tested and proven, so when you hire PMI, you WILL get results. –If you're not satisfied or not seeing the results you want by the seventeenth week, we will work for FREE until your ads pay for themselves, no questions asked!


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