About The Marketing Consulting Group

Learn about the beginnings of MCG & where we are today

Denzel Campbell, Founder of The Marketing Consulting Group started this company after building and selling his first company  Lean on Meals. 

Denzel Campbell Founder of the Marketing Consulting Group Started the Marketing Consulting Group after building his first company, which he started at 22-years old from nothing. 

After building his first company to multiple 7-figures a year by 27 years old, he had multiple people come to him for advice on how to grow their companies. 

After giving people free advice, eventually he had so many people coming to him for help that that’s what inspired him to start this company The Marketing Consulting Group. Along side with his Business Partners from his First Company. 

Where It All Started...

1st picture: Denzel Campbell MCG Founder working at the airport as a baggage handler, waking up at 4am to work at the airport - and then working at our startup until midnight trying to build our first company Lean On Meals. We got so busy one night that he had to quit and not show up at a shift at WestJet. 
Second picture: Denzel, washing dishing helping our team as we struggled to grow our first company Lean on Meals,
Third picture: Where Denzel slept in our office barley being able to afford to to pay us and our staff, $40,000+ in credit card debt...investing all the money we had into learning and advertising. 
Fourth picture: Denzel with IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Ben Pakulski.

We built a 10,000+ Client Food Delivery business that delivers food to people's doors each week and that creates jobs for amazing people!

MCG Advertising Group Founder Denzel Campbell with Russel Brunson Founder of ClickFunnels at the 2018 10x Growth Conference.